3 Reasons Bloggers Give Up

Let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons why people give up on their #blog.  It’s important to be aware of these, so you won’t let it happen to you.  In the beginning blogging can be mind boggling, especially when you’re just starting a blog and you have zero experience.  Here are some common reasons why people give up:

1). People Get Discouraged 

Wrong expectations about the time and work needed to succeed.

Some people are just looking for a get rich quick scheme and they think creating income through a blog will do it.  Unfortunately, it takes time, a learning curve, and a lot of work.  You’ll spend much of your time just learning from your mistakes.

You will have to spend time working for free while you’re helping other people.  Not everyone will buy your products, so money shouldn’t be the only reason you start a blog.  This aspect of blogging can be difficult for some people to accept. 

The number one motivation that keeps successful bloggers going is the genuine desire to help people for free.  You need to help as many people as you can, but without expecting anything in return. 

In the beginning you will spend a lot of time participating in answer forums, writing new blog posts, answering people’s emails, etc.  All while not receiving any monetary reward.

If you’re starting from scratch with nothing written it you could take you 1 to 2 months just to write enough material needed to launch a blog.  You will also need to spend time to learn how to use WordPress, drive internet traffic to your blog, apply the methods of monetizing your blog, etc. 

Even if you do everything correct, it could take 6 months to 1 year to see the any kind of return on your investment.  Talk about discouragement!

A person with the correct expectations will be patient, hardworking, and continue forward jumping over all hurdles in their path.

Some people will start a blog and they lose interest or they run out of ideas to write about.   

Making money with a blog sounded like a great idea until they actually started doing all the writing required.  That’s a bad move, because you have to have a talent for writing and enjoy it. 

It’s one thing to have a passion and knowledge for something, but it’s another to enjoy putting it down in a written and organized fashion.  Some people write a few posts, get disappointed with writing, and don’t continue after that.

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time writing, make sure it’s something you enjoy, because anyone can improve their writing skills. 

They don’t have a step by step business plan. 

Most of the free information you’ll find on the internet can be pretty vague, or just gives you a small piece of the puzzle.  You’ll find some important information, but you’ll still be missing a lot of the pieces. 

It’s easy to get disappointed just trying to figure it all out by yourself and learning as you go.  With any business venture you need a step by step plan if you want to succeed.  Without realistic expectations and a good plan, then you’re like a ship without an engine and the wind and currents will send you where you don’t want to go.

Therefore, if you want to make lifestyle changing income from blogging, the reality is you’re running a business, so you need to approach it that way.

That’s why launching a blog to make money requires a good overall business plan, but with many important pieces.  To make money blogging you need a plan for every aspect:  blog design and creation, marketing, and sales. 

If you don’t have everything organized and a plan of action before you start, then frustration could be right around the corner.

2). People Don’t Make Money 

Most people have such high expectations of how much money they will make.  After some people put in a lot of work, and then they see their blog still only making $100 – $300 per month after a year… they give up.  Two of the biggest reasons people don’t make enough money are:

They don’t know how to correctly monetize their blog.  

There is a whole internet sales and marketing strategy to do it the right way.  If you do it the right way, then your chances of success are much better. 

To create a sustainable revenue stream you need to implement basic internet sales and marketing strategies.  This means you need to know which methods to monetize your blog will give you the highest returns for your particular niche market. 

If you want to run a business on the internet, you have no choice but to learn the fundamentals of internet sales and marketing.

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They don’t offer the right products or affiliate programs.  
Many people never take the time to discover what their niche market is demanding.

There’s many people in the internet saying “I made money this way…… and you can too!”, and some beginners will simply try to do the same thing.  The sad truth is that not every product, affiliate program, or Google AdSense will produce the exact same results for every blog niche. 

The thousands of different blog niches will all require their own specialized products and affiliate programs.  There is no “one shoe fits all sizes” in the blogging world.

Some bloggers offer products and affiliate programs that they think their readers want.  However, since you’re not the one buying, you shouldn’t base your marketing strategy solely on your own opinion.

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3). No “Real” Drive and Commitment

Many people expect to pay for a “How to start a blog” class, and then a few clicks later… Boom!  They’re making $10,000 per month.  When this doesn’t quickly happen they give up and quit.  It takes a lot more than that, and many people find out the hard way. 

If you don’t have a big budget, then you may have to make a few sacrifices in your lifestyle to pay for the startup costs.  It can also be challenging to fit the hours of work needed into your busy schedule. 

So, you have to ask yourself:

  • “Am I willing to make the sacrifices needed to achieve my goals?” 
  • “Do I have the drive and commitment to follow through until I succeed?” 

Without real drive and commitment you won’t do what it takes to achieve your goals.  If you don’t like making mistakes, you can’t learn from them, and you don’t like obstacles, then look out… you’ll be in for trouble. 

You have to have the kind of drive and commitment that if your blog fails… you don’t give up.  You may have to evaluate why it failed, and then implement the changes needed to re-launch it. 

You may even have to evaluate whether or not you chose the right niche market.  You may have to launch a different blog with a different niche market.

The lesson here is, never give up.  That’s simply what 100% of all successful people do.  It doesn’t matter how many times they fail in the beginning.

The Good News

If you:

  • Make a 100% commitment
  • Launch the correct blog for your niche market
  • Implement the correct sales and marketing strategy for your niche market
  • Have a step by step plan of action
  • Have the drive to overcome all obstacles
  • Are willing to learn from your mistakes
  • Are persistent & never give up

Then you have stacked all the odds in your favor. 

We all have to get out of our comfort zone to change our lives for the better.  If you have what it takes, then take immediate action today, and become the money making blogger you want to be.

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You Can Do It Too!

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