How to Market Your Blog

All successful bloggers got to where they are today, because they learned how to market their blog.  Don’t try to wing it like so many other beginners, otherwise all your hard work could lead to nothing.   

For example, one failed #digitalmarketing strategy for beginners has been:  “I’ll just use Google AdSense!”  Boy, this sounds like a great idea!  Unfortunately, unless you get a gazillion visits to your website, it will be very slow going with AdSense.  With this strategy you’ll need a lot of patience, because it could be years before you see the results you expect.

Creating significant income from #internetmarketing requires much more than simply launching a blog and hoping people will click on it.  That’s why in the beginning, you should first focus on the income methods that deliver the most profitable results. 

I’ve discovered that the most profitable income generating methods are:

  1. Affiliate programs
  2. Your own products (eBooks, eCourses, webinars, or actual physical products delivered
    to home)

After your #blog traffic grows, then you can implement other methods.  But in the beginning you need to put all your time and effort into developing the 2 types of products listed above.  To succeed in generating income from these methods it is also critical that you implement the correct marketing mix.


To be successful in marketing a product or service you must have all of the pieces of the puzzle in place:  product, price, place, and promotion.  If you fail at just one of these categories,
then you won’t be successful. 

There are many YouTube videos and blogs that definitely give out good marketing tips, but they usually only focus on one category.  What’s missing is how to put everything together for one complete marketing strategy.

If you want your blog to generate the income you desire, then make sure you have every piece of the puzzle in place before launching your blog.


This category includes your eBooks, eCourses, affiliate programs, physical products, advertisements, etc.  You may have passion for the niche topic your blogging about, but you must also have quality products to make money blogging.   Quality products will help to create the
desire for your readers to make purchases.

How do you offer the right products?  Marketing research is the answer.  There are 2 major ways to conduct marketing research:

  1. Study the competition
  2. Study the consumers

Study the Competition

We live in a competitive world, so you need to go investigate who your competitors are.  Get out there and search the internet to see what is being offered by your competition.  It’s easy to do, because you know your niche market, and you know what to search for.  See what products the successful bloggers in your niche market are offering.

All the big companies like GM or Coca Cola have always done it.  You can’t ignore your  competition, and many times you get some great ideas on how to improve your own product.

I just recently talked to an engineer from Chevrolet and during our conversation he told me that they were impressed with Kia Motors and how they could offer such a long 100,000 mile, 10 year factory warranty.  He said Chevrolet has been studying Kia cars to find the ways that Kia Motors
is able to produce such quality products.  Chevrolet only offers a 36,000 mile, 3 year factory warranty. 

Chevrolet is a 100+ year old company, but they are still conducting marketing research on
their competition!

If we want to be successful in business we also have to study the competition.  It’s one of the easiest ways to discover and implement best practices.  This is especially important for beginners just starting out.  You need to differentiate yourself and your products from the competition, so don’t just copy what someone else is doing.  

Your main goal in studying the competition is:  to discover how you can make your products unique, better quality, and more effective than the competition’s products.  This is especially important for your eBooks and eCourses.  With affiliate programs you may find something better to offer your readers, or you may offer the same if it’s the best available.

What to Look For:

  • See what products they are offering and how many different ones. 
  • What is the level of quality of their products?  
  • Discover what products you could offer that would be better quality and superior overall.   
  • And while you’re there… see their prices!  That’s our next category we will be talking about.

But make sure you are only looking at the successful bloggers who have been doing it a while.  Because they have years of experience and they’ve already learned what delivers the best results.  Take advantage of the knowledge they have gained over time and you’ll gain valuable information to develop you own unique practices.

Kia motors researched the competition and didn’t just copy what Chevrolet was doing by offering the same 36,000 mile, 3 year warranty.  They realized that a factory warranty is very important for car purchasers.  So, they developed a much higher quality product with the ability support a much longer factory warranty.  The result was, they took a good chunk of business away from others when they entered the US market.

That’s why you need to study the competition!  Discover the ways you can make your blog and your products unique, and better than the rest!

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Study the Consumers

When it comes to eBooks, eCourses, and affiliate programs it is very important to offer the products that people are looking for.  The biggest mistake bloggers make is choosing the products that they think people want… but it’s just their own opinion.  Remember, your readers are buying the products and not you.  Customers are always changing, so you will need to keep in tune with what they are demanding.

There’s 4 easy ways to study your niche market to determine what eProducts and affiliate programs products are in demand:

  1. Visiting “answer forums” and communities like Yahoo to discover what the common questions are.  The most common questions will illustrate to you what people are demanding.   Make sure your products are the answers to what they’re searching for. 
  2. Create a short survey on your blog with just 1 or 2 questions.  By obtaining valuable feedback from your readers, you will discover what problems are being experienced by people in your niche market.  Then offer the products that will solve their problems and make their
    life easier.
  3. The Comments Section of your own blog post.  Here you’ll discover feedback and ideas of what your readers are searching for.
  4. The Comments Section from other blogger’s blog post reviews of affiliate products in your niche market.  Many times I’ve found in the comments section valuable feedback from people who’ve actually used the products.  You never know about the author, because they could be presenting a biased review. But, wow… do you get the “real scoop” from the people commenting about the affiliate product.  Some have already used the product and will reveal the truth about it.  Others will recommend other products they found to be more effective.

Search for good affiliate programs that are in high demand and where it’s profitable for you. 
For example, don’t just assume you’ll make all your money with because someone told you so.  Some people have done it over time, but it requires extremely high traffic. 

For example, only pays affiliates 3% – 4% in commissions for many of their products; like books.  You only receive compensation if people purchase something after clicking on your link.  So, as you can see, that’s a mountain of books your readers would have to buy every month for it to be profitable.

Do the marketing research to discover what products, services, and affiliate programs your niche market is looking for.  But also make sure the ones you select will be profitable and worth your while.


This is the price of your products, services, and/or affiliate programs you recommend.  If you just start arbitrarily choosing prices because you feel your products are worth it, then don’t be
disappointed if you’re struggling to sell.  You need to know what the market is willing to pay, and there’s an easy way to determine this.

Again this is where marketing research comes into play, so search the internet and see what prices your competitors are charging.  Make sure you’re only researching the bloggers who are successful at generating income and have been at it for a while.

By researching your niche market you’ll know the market price and you can charge a similar price, or you can go a little lower to gain market share.  Continue to monitor your niche market on a
yearly basis to determine if your prices are still competitive.  Prices change over time and you don’t want to be out of touch.

If you can’t find any competitors and you’re the first person in the world to do it, then… Maybe there’s not enough customers to be profitable?  Maybe you picked the wrong niche market?  It’s always possible to be a pioneer, so if you still feel there’s sufficient demand… go ahead, but it will involve more risk.

Affiliate programs are very diverse in prices.  For example, there are very expensive training courses you can recommend to people, and also very inexpensive ones.  Make sure you’re choosing the ones that deliver the best value for the price and that your readers are willing to pay.  Offer the expensive ones if the value is there and you verified that your niche readers are willing to pay for it.


When it comes to the internet, “place” is your actual website.  So make sure it looks fantastic and is appealing to your niche market.  This is where the following are critical:

  • Use a theme that looks professional
  • Make sure your blog is Smart phone friendly
  • Make sure your blog is user friendly and it’s easy to jump from one page to another
  • Colors convey meaning, so make sure you choose the correct colors for your site
  • It has to be a fast loading site
  • Use great images and photos
  • Use a good looking font, and when in doubt, use Arial, Helvetica, or Georgia
  • Avoid clutter like:  Excessive Advertising, Pop-Up Newsletter Forms, Absurd Amounts of Social Media Buttons, Unexpected Animations, Auto-playing Music or Video
  • Make sure your WordPress web hosting company uses fast reliable servers with solid state drives and 99% up-time guarantee

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Of course, driving traffic to your website is the key to getting people to your place… limited traffic equals limited income opportunities.  If you don’t know how to do this effectively and you end up with limited traffic, then all of a sudden the best products and the best prices don’t even matter.

Don’t fall into the trap of someone on YouTube saying this one method is the best.  That may very well be true, it could be the most effective method, but you’re still leaving money on the table
if you put all your time and energy into just one method.  It’s OK to start out with just one or two methods, but schedule time to implement more as you continue to market your blog.

Driving traffic to your website is like playing football, and every method of driving traffic is a member on your team with a special task.  You don’t play football by just using your quarterback and a receiver on every play.  You need to use all the members on your team to win the most games and score the highest.

Make a schedule and discipline yourself to spend a certain amount of hours doing one method and spend a certain amount of time doing another.


Your blog content is your best way to promote yourself, your blog, and your products.  Your blog content is your #1 priority and it’s the whole reason people arrive at your site to begin with.

When it comes to new visitors to your blog… first impressions really do count.   That’s why you need to write excellent blog posts and offer excellent free material.  You don’t need to make a sales pitch to promote your products, because your valuable free content does that for you. 

To promote your products by using free content, make sure that it’s:

  • Really helpful information and not just fluff with no value
  • Solving their problems and making their life easier
  • Information they are looking for
  • Information they can act on immediately

Don’t promote your products by saying, “… buy this now…” all over your blog.  It’s obnoxious and won’t get you the maximum sales results needed.

If you have quality free content, then you will earn their trust.  Once you have earned their trust, then they will desire to purchase the products you are recommending.  It will be a natural progression from reading your blog content to making a purchase from your site.


After optimizing your marketing strategy, then the next phase will be to use a blog sales strategy to sell your products.  Every successful business has a sales strategy to generate sales. 

Marketing is just the beginning (and ongoing) phase where you gather the information to develop the right products and create powerful marketing content.  It is critical to do it correctly, because without it, the best sales strategy could still fail.

So, once you’ve laid the ground work and have discovered and developed:

  • The right products to offer
  • The price that the market will bear
  • How to design a beautiful looking blog with powerful blog page copy
  • Super content that’s free

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You Can Do It Too!

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