How to Write Persuasive Marketing Emails

Email marketing used for #blogging is not spam email.  We all hate spam, so we do whatever we can to stop it from arriving at our in mailbox.  The #emailmarketing I’m talking about here, is only sending emails to your readers who voluntarily give their email address to you.  They volunteer, because they want to receive an email to obtain a free eProduct or to begin receiving your newsletters.

Once they receive the free eProduct or newsletter, the majority of them will stay with you.  As long as you continue to improve their life, and deliver quality and value to them. 

Emails are critical in helping to build a long term relationship with your followers and they  will convert more of your readers into happy customers than any other strategy.  It is essential for #digitalmarketing, so you will need to learn how to master it.   However, it will be well worth all time you put into it. 

Don’t make the mistake of starting your blog without it!  This valuable sales strategy has the
potential to produce over 50% of your total revenue.  That’s why all serious bloggers utilize this fantastic sales strategy.

Most of the people on your email list will look forward to your emails and will see you more like a friend or a free consultant.  You never want to give the impression that your emails are only used for high pressure sales tactics.  So, make sure the tone of your emails displays the correct attitude.  Your tone should be like you’re their friend; one who is simply delivering free tips and information that makes their life better.

Helping people should be your #1 concern and should be demonstrated in the style you write your emails.  Not just, “Buy this… or buy that!”  Of course, it’s OK now and again to send a promotional email with an offer for your products, but it shouldn’t be every single email. 

You’ll develop the correct ratio of relationship building emails (newsletter or new tip) to an email promoting one of your products.  I would recommend starting out with sending 3 relationship building emails to every 1 email with a promotional offer.

From the perspective of your readers, these emails give them the information they need to succeed in whatever it is they are trying to do.  The sales and revenue will flow in as a result of helping your readers.

Email Writing Tips

  1. Subject line should spark curiosity and tell the goal of the email. 
  2. Subject lines should have curious and persuasive words.  Promise them something good like:  “latest tip to ….”  “take advantage of ….”  “discover how to ….”  “find out why … “  “most of our readers are now ….”  “did you know …..”  “new ….. available now”
  3. Add an emoji to the subject line.  I always tend to open those emails myself.
  4. Avoid spam filter words like:  Increase Sales, Web Traffic, Online Biz Opportunity, Make Money Online, Free Consultation, Once in a Lifetime, Month Trial Offer, Act now!, Don’t hesitate!, free anything.
  5. Make it personal and sound like your talking only to the recipient.
  6. A real name should be shown as the sender.  Never use a generic sender name like:  “Info”, “Admin”, “No Reply,”   Definitely not the personal touch.  As a friendly sender, it’s always the best to use your first name.
  7. Don’t babble, give them all the information they need, but keep it as short as possible.
  8. Don’t follow a strict format.  If you write like your writing to a friend, it will be different every time, and that’s the impression you want to give.
  9. Promotional offer emails should focus mainly on how the recipient’s life will improve.  Don’t just talk about how great the product is.
  10. Promotional offer emails should always state a clear deadline.
  11. Make Promotional offers scarce. The fear of missing out on something increases the desire for it.  Example, use a stop watch or “The first 500 people who click here get ….”
  12. Send relationship building emails without a promotional offer, but still always have a couple links in the email that brings them back to your blog and/or resource page.
  13. Relationship building emails should always have one or more of the following:  an interesting personal short story, a great tip, a problem solved, how their life will be better if they utilize the information.


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Remember to learn from the masters.  Subscribe to a few of the most successful bloggers in your niche market, ones who have been doing it for a long time.  Examine their email marketing strategy.  Stay on their email list for at least 1 – 2 months, so you can see the big picture:  their frequency of emails sent, their subject lines, their topics, how they are promoting, their ratio of relationship building emails to promotional ones, etc.

Don’t just copy exactly what they’re doing, and never copy their written content.  But you will get some great marketing ideas to develop and implement some new best practices of your own.  You’re always guaranteed to learn something exciting.

Also read my blog post, Use Powerful Words in Your Marketing Copy for some great tips on using the most powerful & persuasive words in the subject and body of the emails you write.

You should be able to send out a minimum of 3 emails per week.  You can send more but be careful to monitor your unsubscribe rate.  If it increases with your email frequency then take a step back.

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